Mermaid Art Glass

Island Inspired Jewelry, Hand Sculpted from Molten Glass, by Maui Artist Summer Jean


Summer Jean

I grew up on the magical island of Kauai where I was home schooled by my wonderful mother. I was 14 when I fell in love with glass. My best friends mom was a glass bead maker, and she gave me my first lesson. My mom could see right away that this was a true passion. She took what little money she had and bought me my own equipment. My best friend and I set up a little studio together and began selling our work at local craft fairs and farmers markets.

Over the years, I explored various vocations and life paths, but as it turns out, nothing beats your first love. I always returned to glass. Melting Glass, creating beauty, its what make my heart happy.

Now I have found an even deeper love in furnace work glass, larger blown glass and sculpture. I hope to be posting photos of some of my larger pieces soon, so stay tuned.